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What’s MeteorJS? MeteorJS is a robust and powerful JavaScript for web app development projects that have become popular because of its simple approach to prototyping, testing, and cross-platform development.

MeteorJS is widely preferred for building scalable and high-performance web applications with quality frontend, backend, and database development.

At Saubhagyam we prefer MeteorJS for Client-side Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. As a leading MeteorJS development company we have built a whole range of web apps with the framework.

Robust & Reliable Solutions With Best-In-Class MeteorJS Development Company California.

We use MeteorJS along with its cutting-edge tools and latest technologies to deliver the most sophisticated and industry-acknowledged MeteorJS development services. We use many of the exclusive MeteorJS features like Two Way Data Binding, HTML Template, Directives, Dependency Injection, and testing tools to develop high-quality cross-platform applications.

Frequently Asked Question

Meteor, or MeteorJS, is a free and open-source technology isomorphic JavaScript web framework written using Node. js. Meteor allows for rapid prototyping and produces cross-platform (Android, iOS, Web) code.
It provides templating that updates automatically when your data models do. This is normally done using Backbone.js, Ember.js, Knockout.js.
Meteor can be used with any popular front-end JS framework, Vue, React, Svelte, Angular, or Blaze. Meteor is developed by Meteor Software.
A meteor is a space rock that hits the atmosphere of the Earth. ... A meteor is a smaller body in space that collides with the Earth or another planet. You can also use this word for the light caused by such an impact: a meteor is a shooting star. Many meteors are caused by comets that have decayed.