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SAUBHAGYAM Technologies is a web development Company that constantly travels on the path of self-upgrades and this makes us the best CodeIgniter development service.

CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework that comes with some exceptional features and benefits that only an expert eye can figure out, thankfully our team is smart enough to do that with each assignment coming our way.

We would prescribe you CodeIgniter based website development if you are looking for something that is extensively dynamic and fast. Our team is professional enough to provide you with a website in a short span of time, ensuring that the requirements coming from your side are met to the core.

Our CodeIgniter development team possesses technical skills and rich website development experience that will help you get a feature-packed end product!

Why SAUBHAGYAM For CodeIgniter Development Services?

Well, the reason is simple, we are the best! The team at SAUBHAGYAM Technologies excels in offering you a customized CodeIgniter app that is not only easy to use but upgrade too. Our CodeIgniter web development team is efficient and committed enough to offers our clients complete support in handling this MVC architecture.

Flexibility and ease of management are the factors on which our team is going to work sincerely so that you make the most of the CodeIgniter platform.

100% client satisfaction is our goal and fortunately, to date, we have been able to achieve this in all the assignments coming our way!

Frequently Asked Question

  • A controller is set up to handle static pages. A controller is a class that simplifies the work in CodeIgniter.
  • In a CodeIgniter framework URL, a basic pattern is followed.
  • In the following URL,
  • Here, 'book' is the controller class or you can say this is the controller name.
  • 'novel' is the method that is called. It extends to CI_Controller to inherit the controller properties.
Fetch Data From Database and Show in Tabular Format in Codeigniter
  • 1. Create Table in MySQL database. My database name is "abc" and my table name is "country". ...
  • 2. Database connectivity. You must first edit the file database. ...
  • 3. Autoload the database. ...
  • 4. The Model. ...
  • 5. The Controller. ...
  • 6. Output.
Ultimately, Laravel is a better framework than CodeIgniter majorly due to the coding pattern which is the most favored for its classic look. Along with this, it also supports powerful application development in no time.
CodeIgniter is based on the Model-View-Controller development pattern. MVC is a software approach that separates application logic from presentation. In practice, it permits your web pages to contain minimal scripting since the presentation is separate from the PHP scripting. The Model represents your data structures.