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Custom Security Software Solutions | Website Development & Designing Company

Our Mission

Secure Website Designing & Development Company


Secure Website Designing & Development Company

When a new website is developed, most of the concentration is given to the design and aesthetics of the website, while one of the most crucial factors is overlooked, which is security. With greater reliance on the internet for information sharing and business, websites are frequently targeted directly by cybercriminals.

Security Website Development Services is the solution that we provide to our valued clients at SAUBHAGYAM. Create a fully operational, attractively designed, and completely secure website with access control systems that have undergone all forms of penetration testing and other security studies.


Developmental Solutions

Face Recognition system

We assist you in developing a face recognition system based on sophisticated algorithms. Our face recognition systems can recognize objects in photos, recognize multiple faces in real-time, and compare faces to recorded data.


Surveillance Management System

We create comprehensive Video Surveillance Management Systems to address security risks in corporate settings, and we adhere to the most sophisticated security methods and procedures for surveillance software solutions.


Mobile Device Management

We are professionals in developing custom enterprise mobile applications and have successfully designed and deployed custom Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for several multinational businesses.

Services for Software Threat Protection.

We provide advanced security threat protection services to offer total protection against all types of security vulnerabilities, malware threats, and other risk factors that continue to pose a threat to enterprise systems regularly.

Frequently Asked Question

Security testing is a sort of software testing that identifies vulnerabilities, hazards, and dangers in a software program and guards against intruder attacks.
If you are doing a code audit, we recommend breaking it down into the phases below:
  1. Software engineers should study the basic code to acquire a general understanding of the project.
  2. Automated code analysis for common flaws, vulnerabilities, and violations of guidelines.
Advanced threat protection (ATP) is a category of security technologies that safeguard sensitive data against sophisticated malware or hacking-based attacks. Advanced threat protection software and managed services are both available.