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Mobile App Design & Development Services


Our mobile app design services are aimed to offer you complete freedom and control, crossing the limitations of platforms in style. Designing apps is not a process that anyone out there can do with ease as things tend to get fickle sometimes, we have a team that promises to build you both usable and creative web applications.

Our designers have been doing this for a long time, this has given them the know-how of how to design apps for different platforms and that too without compromising with the usability. Our mobile app design services are going to give equal importance to artistic and usability so that your application turns out to be a huge hit.

We know how to deal with challenges, thus we promise to offer you eye-appealing mobile apps each time you come to us!

Mobile App Design Services in California

For us, mobile application design is as much a science as art. This helps us keep our eyes open and ensure that no invention or fresh technique goes unnoticed. We are offering mobile application design services for all platforms, iPhone design, Android design, blackberry design, J2me design, and mobile website design.

iPhone Design – We Will Offer You Stylish & Engaging Apps

SAUBHAGYAM Web Pvt. Ltd. has a team of capable mobile app design services that would work on your assignment to offer you stylish, engaging, and easy to use apps. With a sole focus on customer satisfaction, we are willing to offer you as many variants so that you can pick the one that suits your business.

We at present are offering iPhone design services to businesses of all scales, from small scale businesses to large-scale enterprises.

Android Design – We Are Here To Offer You World-Class Apps

With a proven track record of designing product and campaign-driven Android applications, we can count us as a mobile app design services company. With a creative team working on android design assignments, we promise to offer you an innovative and fully functional mobile application at the end.

We make apps that not only look good but do their job too; this makes us superior mobile app design services.

Blackberry Design – Usability & Design Amalgamated In One

Blackberry design service is what we have been offering for years now and this has helped us understand what people are looking in for.

Our team is going to sit down, explore the possible styles and patterns, and at the end offer you a blackberry mobile application that is both usable and creatively designed.

J2me Design – With Us You Have Someone Experienced

With us, you have someone experienced working on your J2me design services.

We have a record of designing J2me apps that will not only entice you but will make you go, addict. If you are looking for a gaming app, contacting us will prove to be a great decision.

Mobile Website Design

Affordability and functionality are two important traits that define our mobile website application services. We will design a mobile website for you that is:

  • Quick loading
  • Easily readable
  • Easy to use

If you have any mobile application designing requirement, get in touch with our team to know more!

Frequently Asked Question

Native apps are designed by an app developer using the platform's unique programming language. These apps are downloaded to the smartphone from the app store and kept in the device's memory, making them available for usage at the touch of a button.
Depending on the complexity of the mobile app and the structure of your project, app development might take anywhere from three to nine months. Every step in the development process takes a varying length of time, but the ones that take the longest are One or two weeks to write a project brief.
A simple app takes roughly 1,500 hours to develop and costs around $35,000. Custom UI elements, real-time chat, payment capabilities, tablet and handset adaptability, API interaction, and a simple backend server may all be included in apps of moderate complexity.
The most basic apps typically cost roughly $20,000 to develop. Another reason for the higher expense of designing an app on your own is the cost of correcting errors. A single person cannot possibly have the same level of experience as a large corporation. You won't be able to devote as much money to research and development.