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Media & Entertainment Industry Web Development Services California


Entertainment Development Solution

We are a trained and trusted player in the space of custom media and entertainment web development and have built a multitude of acclaimed custom mobile apps and web solutions for several key brands in the sector.


Video On Demand Applications

We build advanced on-demand video apps to help individuals and business users across the niches publish video content and lead for search engine results. For distributing video content we provide a turnkey Digital Right Management (DRM) solution.


Online Content Publishing

We help you publish online content and build up your brand presence through tools such as digital service management, digital publishing, DRM software, web promotion.


Media distribution

We help content makers with a robust and flexible media distribution service to build up a digital presence by using tools and solutions like auto-updating systems, media management software, campaign management software, advertising management software, and several others.

Our Mission

Emerging Solutions


Live Streaming Apps

We also provide a gamut of services to help you catch on to the latest entertainment solutions trend called live streaming app. We build live-streaming apps and help you create a service that wins over the brimming competition in the live streaming market.


Mobile Games

We build sophisticated mobile games based on unique game ideas and powered by an addictive gaming experience. We build almost all types of games using popular and advanced technologies including 3D animated and AR/VR technologies.


Video Sharing Portals

We build mist user-friendly video sharing platforms equipped with state-of-the-art features to help users share video content, build up an audience, and generate revenue through continuous user engagement and consequent business conversion.


Ticket Booking Portals

We build modern ticket booking portals for all inches including movie theatres, live concerts, sports matches, and all kinds of popular events. Our focus on building ticket booking portals rests on delivering simple and easier ways to buy tickets.


Entertainment Platforms

We build alternate web and mobile app solutions for enjoying entertainment content such as movies, TV shows, podcasts, live sports matches, events, and others. Delivering ease of access through entertainment content remains our objective.


Social Networking Portal Development

We develop tools for social networking web portals and mobile apps to help users across any particular niche or all niches to stay connected with their near and dear ones and share their moments and contents with others.

Frequently Asked Question

We mentioned above that most social media apps vary on a lot of factors. Well, this variance readily reflects on the estimates of the total app development cost. Based on updated studies and surveys, you can develop a social app for $12,000 to $60,000.
Developing your own social network, it's a process that can last up to six months at least.
The most simple apps tend to start at around $25,000 to build. ... Another reason for building an app by yourself costs more is due to fixing mistakes. It's impossible for a single person to have the same level of experience as a massive company. You also won't be able to put as much money toward research and testing.