Our Mission

Insurance Website Development & Designing

We solve all your technology problems using amazing talent and rich experience.


Insurance Claims Management Solution

We develop custom claims management solutions to help easier and efficient claims data collection and speedier settlement while improving on productivity, reducing processing time and making customer experience better.


Mobile App for Insurance Agents

We as leading Insurance app development company build feature-rich user focused mobile apps for the insurance agents to help them keep track of insurance products, their customers, business leads and claim settlement processes for their customers.


Insurance web development

We help an insurance company create a great first impression through a professional web presence by building attention grabbing, user focused web apps and websites that can help customers make faster and more informed decisions on insurance products.


Quotation tools

We help insurance companies with high quality quotation and pricing tools that can be used by their agents, employees and customers for more informed decisions while considering insurance coverage for individuals, family and businesses.

Our Mission

Emerging Solutions


Insurance Comparison Platforms

We create user-friendly comparison solutions to help customers compare various insurance products and take the right decision on their required insurance as per age, risk components and other parameters.


Predictive Analytics Software

Among the most popular technology options used by insurance companies this lets you identify customer behaviour using several smart data sources. It can help you find things like Triaging claims, pricing and risk selections, outlier claims, fraud and more.


Payment Processing Software

We build advanced payment processing software solutions for insurance companies to help processing debit/credit card payments and avail other payment methods and gateways whether for online or offline transactions.


Policyholder portals

We build dedicated web portals for the insurance to help them self-educate on insurance needs and various products, track claim processing and stay informed about the pending and future insurance premiums on a timely basis.


Agent portals

We build web portals for insurance agents to help them keep track of their clients, leads, insurance policies, incentives, earnings and various other things. We build agent portals to inform, educate and motivate agents with the right information.


Insurance Risk Management Solutions

We build custom risk management software that is capable of keeping track of principal risk indicators (KRIs) and notify the customers simultaneously about preventive measures and alerts over SMS, email or push messages.

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  • Jenesis Software. ...
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  • Agency Matrix.
  • Applied Epic.
  • Jenesis.
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  • EZLynx.
Agency management software can range in cost from less than $1,000 to $5,000 for a start-up operation with monthly fees of $60 to $600, depending on the level of sophistication you desire.
Online Insurance management system is a web application that is developed for tracking the details of the insurance policy, customer details, and company details. ... This insurance management system can efficiently manage the company, records, provides instant access, and one that improves productivity.